St. Mary of the Assumption Parish's website contains information on pertinent details, times and contact names for all our parish programs and special events as well as holy days and secular holidays. We hope you find our site to be informative as well as inspirational and we welcome your comments and suggestions to make our site more useful to you in the future.


New parishioners are always welcome. If you would like to join the parish, please stop by the office during regular business hours or call the office for an appointment 647-2621. For RCIA classes (for those considering becoming a Catholic) please consult Adult Education home page.



The Church has several Calendars online, including one for the Parish, for the School, the School Lunch, and others. Take a look under the Calendar tab above, and see if the event

Parish Associations

If you are looking for information on any of St. Mary's Parish Associations (like the Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Parish Council of Catholic Women, or others), please look under the Parish Associations tab above.  If your parish group is not listed there, and you would like to create a webpage, please contact the Parish Rectory or the School Secretary.

Adoration and Prayer Intentions

For more information about our monthly Parish Adoration (72 hours), please see the Adoration tab above.  Also, if you have specific prayer intentions, please contact the Parish rectory, or see the tab above.


St. Mary's maintains dozens of separate news forums for the Parish, the School, and for various parish related organizations.  They are all compiled in a single forum under the News tab.  If you would like to recieve an email whenever the news is updated, please subscribe to any of the available forums.  You may subscribe to any or all of them.