2020-2021 School Year Registration

Registration is now being accepted for the 2020-2021 school year for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 as well as for our  3 and 4 year old programs.  Please contact our school office at (608) 647-2422 to get more information, set up a school tour and/or a classroom visit.


Please fill out the following admission form to apply for the St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School grades K-8.  Please fill out one of the following Preschool admission forms (3K or 4K), more information can be found on the Preschool page.

Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for students coming and going during the school day?

When students arrive at times other than at the beginning or end of school, students and parents must check in and check out through the school office.  There will be a sign in/out sheet in the office where students/parents can sign in or sign out as they come and go through the day.  If a student arrives late or leaves for an appointment, he/she should check in with the office.  This way, the office can keep track of who is coming and going in the building as well as any changes that may need to be made in lunch count or questions from teachers who may be looking for a student. 

Is morning milk provided?

Morning milk is available to students in grades kindergarten through fifth at a cost of $18.00 per school quarter.  Milk for cold lunches can be purchased for lunch at a cost of 25 cents.  Nutritionists recommend that growing children have at least three cups of milk or equivalent dairy products per day.  Extra milk for hot lunch or cold lunch is provided free of charge by Shireman Veterinary Clinic in support of all our local dairy farmers.  

Is there an athletic program?

There is a volleyball and basketball program for students in grades five through eight.  Football, wrestling, and track are available through the Richland Middle School for students in grades 7-8.  Students will need a physical before they can begin practice.  Contact the school office for the needed forms and to answer any questions.  Transportation for practices and games is the responsibility of the parent(s).  There is a $30 athletic fee that is required per sport.  This helps to pay for the cost of referees and needed equipment.

What is the class schedule?

Children should arrive no earlier than 7:50 in the morning. Students are admitted to the building at 8:00 and should be in their rooms by 8:10 a.m.  Mass is held on Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 8:15. Lunch is served beginning at 11:15 and classes resume for the lower grades at 12:00. Middle school students eat at 11:45 and resume classes at 12:30.   Dismissal is at 3:15.  

We offer 4 “specials” programs including computer, music, physical education, and Spanish.  All are taught in grades 1-8.  Kindergarten has computer, music, and physical education specials.

Is there a school uniform?

While there is no school uniform, there is a specified dress code for students and staff of St. Mary’s of the Assumption School.  Please see the Family Handbook for details on the dress code for school days.

Can my child get bussing to St. Mary’s School?

Yes! We have many students who reside in the Richland School District that are bussed.  For families outside the Richland District, bussing for students to St. Mary of the Assumption Parish School is available to those who qualify according to state regulations.   The qualifications for bussing are complicated.  It is best that families contact the Richland Center Bus Service directly at 647-4446 to find out about qualifications, routes, and times for pick-ups and drop-offs.

When can I visit the school?

St. Mary of the Assumption School is an open campus and parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit our school and even sit in on classes at any time.  We do ask that our visitors respect the educational environment by remaining silent in the halls and in the classrooms.  We would also ask that you call ahead of the time that you would like to visit.  We ask that visitors do not use these times for conferences with the teacher as teachers are engaged in the educational process throughout the school day and conferences should respect the privacy of the individual being discussed.  Any parent wishing to schedule a conference with the teacher should contact the teacher directly or through the school office.  

How can I help out at school?

There are many ways that busy adults can help out at school.  For the safety of our students, only those adults who have completed a confidential questionnaire and a background check will be allowed to volunteer in circumstances involving children.

Volunteers – The school is always in need of volunteers in many areas including assisting in the lunchroom.   Please watch for notices.  Families are expected to volunteer for at least 2 3 Seasons of Fun activites and 3 fish fries. Check out the volunteer sign-up sheet, which lists many different volunteer opportunities.  Parent involvement is not only essential for the school, it is a great example for our kids!

Savings Programs – Many organizations offer schools money or products for their proof of purchase symbols.  Box Tops for Education gives us ten cents for each Box Tops for Education Symbol.  Campbell's Labels for Education provides products in exchange for their UPC symbols.  We collect 5 different milk caps:  Kwik Trip Moola, Foremost Farms, Swiss Valley, Kemps and Land O Lakes.  Kwik Trip milk bag tops are worth 5 cents each.  Tyson gives 28 cents for each Project A+ label.  Our Family UPC codes are good for 5 cents each.  Ink jet and laser printer cartidges, old cell phones, iPods, digital cameras and DVD movies can be recycled through the school as well.  

What is the tuition?

Our current tuition for students in grades K-8 is $1,550 for the first child of parishioners/active Catholics and $2,550 for the first child of non-Catholics.  Additional children are $1450/$2450 per chld.  The finance council reviews the tuition every year and considers the rate for the following year.  Rates for the 3 and 4 year old program can be found on this website under the Preschool tab.  Tuition is paid through the use of an online tool called Smart Tuition.  Different payment options are available through Smart Tuition.

Are there any tuition assistance programs in place?

St. Mary School is a member of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.  Qualified families can have their entire tuition paid in grades 4K - 8th grade!  There is also a financial assistance program for which families can apply for through the school for students in K-8. If families qualify for financial assistance, a plan will be developed by the family and the principal.  Financial assistance forms are available in the school office.

Purchasing $crip provides needed dollars for our school!  Families can apply a percentage of Scrip earnings directly to their tuition account.  Extended family and friends can also help individual tuition accounts by signing up for Scrip in the school office and designating the student to which they would like their earnings applied.  Scrip can be purchased in the school office as well as after all weekend Masses.

What types of communication are used between school and parents?

St. Mary School uses an online student data management program called Sycamore Education. This program is the primary communication tool between the school and families.  Newsletters, school calendar, grades, daily progress, lunch accounts, and attendance information are all a part of the Sycamore program.  Each family is given a login ID and password so that they can access their students’ information.  This website is available 24/7.

Any forms that need a signature or require special attention will be sent home with the youngest child in school inside a brown envelope.  The envelope will be large, so it will be easy to see.  There may be other announcements coming home from outside organizations (Brewer Library, the RC parks department…) that may come home as well.  These non-school related types of things will just be sent home with the student in their backpacks.   If you do not have email access, we will send hard copies of everything home with students in the brown envelope.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You can contact the school office on school days from 8:00am to 3:30 pm by calling 647-2422 to speak to Jolene Frawley, the school secretary or from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm to speak with either Stacia Kohlstedt, the school principal or Vicki Faber, the associate principal.  Office hours are subject to change without notice, and there is an answering machine for you to leave a message.

St. Mary School is open to people of all faiths!